Video: Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Tips and Tricks (Lisa Feigenbaum)

I’ve blogged the session materials for this presentation before, but now we finally have the video available too! Here are some section markers: Enjoy!… Read more

Video: The Joy of Writing Code in Visual Studio 2010 (Karen Liu)

We’ve had a couple recent posts about the Code Focused development experience coming up in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE: Code Focus Announcements in the TechEd EMEA Keynote Code Focus Videos on Channel 9 Now for the ultimate coverage (a complete TechEd presentation on the subject), check out the following video by Karen Liu!… Read more

VS 2010 Announcements at TechEd EMEA (Lisa Feigenbaum)

TechEd EMEA kicked off on November 10th with an announcement-packed keynote by Visual Studio General Manager, Jason Zander! The 82min video has been made available for public viewing here. Below are some minute markers as well, in case you don’t have time to watch the whole thing. Here’s some other coverage you may want to… Read more

Panel: Developers moving to VB.Net for projects using XML (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Visual Basic 9.0 introduces a feature called XML Literals, which makes programming against XML a lot more natural, and dramatically decreases the number of lines of code you need to write. In fact, it makes working with XML in Visual Basic *so* much easier that many C# developers are moving to VB.Net for their XML work! To… Read more

TechEd Barcelona: Session Materials (Lisa Feigenbaum)

I’m here at TechEd Barcelona, and the week has gotten off to a great start. Jason Zander did the keynote this afternoon, and announced lots of great tooling support that will be included in Visual Studio 2010! Exciting stuff. I have 4 sessions here, starting tomorrow. I’ve attached the materials at the end of this post, in case… Read more