Drawing Maps with Visual Basic (Scott Wisniewski)

If you find yourself looking for something to do with your awesome new copy of Visual Studio 2008, you should check out the December 2007 edition of MSDN magazine. It features an article, written by me, that provides a walk through on how to visualize data on a map using VB 9, WPF and LINQ…. Read more

A Note about Enums (Scott Wisniewski)

I recently received an email from a customer who had a few questions about “enum inheritance” in VB, specifically as to why it wasn’t supported. In particular, he sent us the following snippet of VB code  (I’ve changed the names of the classes and methods involved)  : Option Strict On Public Class BaseClass    Public Enum… Read more

Channel9 Interview: Scott Wisniewski on Extension Methods in Visual Basic 9.0 (Beth Massi)

I just posted an interview with Scott on Channel9 where he talks about extension methods, a new language feature in Visual Basic 9.0: In this in interview Scott Wisniewski, a Developer on the Visual Basic Team, talks about Extension Methods and shows us a couple interesting LINQ providers. In his own unique way, Scott dives into… Read more

Lambdas, and Take While, and Group By, Oh My!

Hooray! Visual Basic 2008 Beta2 has been released to the wild today to return to its natural habitat – the desktops of our beloved customers. (Please note our smiling GPM’s face on that landing page — he’s so happy the Beta is done.) What’s inside? So much that there might be more new features than… Read more

Shameless Plug (Scott Wisniewski)

If you get a chance, you should check out the August 2007 edition of MSDN Magazine. In addition to its usual array of awesome goodies, this month’s edition features a super cool Basic Instincts column, written by me. In it I discuss the design of Query Comprehensions in VB, giving an overview of the basic… Read more