"Future Directions of Visual Basic" Interview with Paul Vick (Lisa Feigenbaum)

In this short 10min video, I interview language architect Paul Vick about what industry trends he would think about while designing the Visual Basic language. Some of these trends have motivated features in the next version of the Visual Basic language (VB 10.0), such as interop with dynamic languages. Others are things the team is currently thinking about,… Read more

"Visual Basic 10: New Features" Interview with Paul Vick (Lisa Feigenbaum)

In this video, I interviewed language architect Paul Vick about what new language features are coming in the next release of Visual Basic. We talked about auto-implemented properties, collection initializers, statement lambdas, removal of the line continuation feature, and more. These features were recently announced at last week’s Professional Developers Conference. Visual Basic 10: New Features (video)… Read more

Download the CTP and Submit Your Feedback! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

The Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Community Technology Preview (CTP) is now publicly available! It’s time to try out the features that you’ve been hearing about from the PDC. 🙂 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=922B4655-93D0-4476-BDA4-94CF5F8D4814&displaylang=en Once you download the CTP, start Visual Studio and you will see a link to the CTP Walkthroughs from the Start Page. These walkthroughs are meant… Read more

What to watch, as a VB Developer at PDC (Lisa Feigenbaum)

After you discover the PDC videos online, and you watch the Future Directions for Microsoft Visual Basic, you may wonder what other sessions this year’s PDC has to offer for the VB developer… Lots! Here’s a list of PDC sessions related to the VB language and IDE: Scott Guthrie’s speech in the 2nd day keynote: https://channel9.msdn.com/pdc2008/KYN02/ (See… Read more

VB 2010 Language Features: The Channel9 Version (Lucian Wischik, Lisa Feigenbaum)

I recently blogged about the new VB 2010 language features announced at PDC, as well as the video available from Paul and Lucian’s “VB Futures” session. Another way to learn about the new features coming out in 2010 is by watching the following Channel9 video with VB specification lead, Lucian Wischik. Title: Lucian Wischik and… Read more