"Future Directions of Visual Basic" Interview with Paul Vick (Lisa Feigenbaum)

In this short 10min video, I interview language architect Paul Vick about what industry trends he would think about while designing the Visual Basic language. Some of these trends have motivated features in the next version of the Visual Basic language (VB 10.0), such as interop with dynamic languages. Others are things the team is currently thinking about,… Read more

"Visual Basic 10: New Features" Interview with Paul Vick (Lisa Feigenbaum)

In this video, I interviewed language architect Paul Vick about what new language features are coming in the next release of Visual Basic. We talked about auto-implemented properties, collection initializers, statement lambdas, removal of the line continuation feature, and more. These features were recently announced at last week’s Professional Developers Conference. Visual Basic 10: New Features (video)… Read more

TL12: Future Directions for Microsoft Visual Basic (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Didn’t make it to the PDC? No problem. You can still check out the *hottest* presentation at the Professional Developers Conference this year, available publicly on demand! Paul Vick (Principal Architect) and Lucian Wischik (VB Specification Lead & Software Engineer) gave an awesome presentation on the Future of VB. The presentation included VB 2010 and beyond. Title: Future… Read more

Community Interview with Paul Vick (Beth Massi)

One of our Italian Visual Basic MVPs, Alessandro Del Sole, sent over some interview questions for the Visual Basic Team members to get our thoughts on the language and favorite features but mostly to share some of our personal interests to help you get to know us better. I also learned some fun facts about… Read more

Where is the VB Team going to be over the next few months? (Lisa Feigenbaum)

We have quite a few trips coming up over the next couple months, and we want to connect with you while we’re on the road. Here is our plan. Let us know where we can find you. 😉   October 6-7, 2008 Software Development Conference 2008: http://www.sdc.nl/ Beth Massi   October 8-10, 2008 TechEd Hong… Read more