Fun with VB !!!

Who says you can’t obfuscate VB code? For fun, I tried writing some VB code which was shaped in the letters ‘vb’ (that’s right, the code itself forms the shape of the letters), where the ‘v’ and the ‘b’ are formed from the Visual Studio inifinity logo. In case you’re having trouble visualizing that, here’s… Read more

Kit George and Chris Smith on Channel9 (Beth Massi)

I posted a couple more videos on Channel9 that you’ll definitely want to check out! Thanks again to Kathleen for helping with the production. The first one Kit George walks us through some of his favorite VB9 language features that enable LINQ: In this in interview Kit George, a Program Manager on the Visual Basic… Read more

Sons and Daughters Day: a pure blast!

On Friday, Chris Smith and I (Chris is a test engineer on the VB Team) attended an event called ‘Sons and Daughters’ day. The day consisted of 2 sessions (20-25 kids in each) where kids aged 6-13 were run through a class of writing an app in VB (20-25 kids in each). The class was very introductory,… Read more

Linq Cookbook, Recipe 6: Your first Linq Application using Northwind (Kit George)

This example is intended as a ‘primer’ for following recipes (so we don’t repeat the same instructions multiple times). This recipe takes you through everything you need, and assumes only that you’ve installed Visual Studio (and in so doing, you’ve installed SQLExpress). Subsequent Northwind based Linq-To-Sql recipes will point to this entry. Ingredients: –          Visual Studio… Read more

LINQ Cookbook, Recipe 5: Concatenating the selected strings from a CheckedListBox (Kit George)

Ingredients: –          Visual Studio 2008 (Beta2 or Higher)   Categories: LINQ-To-Objects, LINQ and WinForms   Instructions: Open Visual Studio 2008, and Click ‘File/New Project’. Create a new Windows Forms Application project From the toolbox, drag a CheckedListBox to the main form, and a button. Ensure the listbox is large enough to view multiple items DoubleClick… Read more