The many cases of ByRef

One of the overlooked or simply misunderstood features of the VB language is calling a function which has a ByRef parameter.  Most languages support only a single method of passing parameters by reference [1], that is the scenarios directly supported by the CLR.  The CLR has a lot of restrictions on the type of values… Read more

Community Interview with Jared Parsons (Beth Massi)

Here’s another community interview from our Italian Visual Basic MVP Alessandro Del Sole, this time with Jared Parsons, a Developer on the VB Team. Jared is a great developer and loves the community. You can check out his personal blog here. You can also check out the Visual Basic Team page for pictures and bios… Read more

VB Catch … When: Why so special?

The VB Catch syntax has a unique feature: When.  It allows users to filter expressions based on something other than their type.  Any arbitrary code can enter a When block to decide whether or not to handle an Exception. Sub Sub1() Try DoSomeAction() Catch ex As Exception When Filter(ex) Stop End Try End Sub Newsgroups… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: Jared Parsons on the P-Invoke Interop Assistant (Beth Massi)

Today I posted an interview screencast on Channel 9. In this interview, Jared Parsons, a Developer on the Visual Basic IDE, shows us the P/Invoke Interop Assistant available on CodePlex. The tool helps with converting unmanaged C code to managed P/Invoke signatures and vice versa. Say goodbye to digging through random header files or MSDN documentation to find the… Read more

PInvoke Interop Assistant on CodePlex (Jared Parsons)

I’m happy to announce that the PInvoke Interop Assistant tool is now available on CodePlex.  This includes the binaries, source code and the dev authored unit tests.  It is hosted on the more general CLR Interop Tools page. I will be actively maintaining this tool in the future and (hopefully) adding more features.  There… Read more