Troubleshooting Errors When Embedding Type Information (Doug Rothaus)

Visual Studio 2010 has a new feature, Embed Interop Types, that can simplify application deployment and solve those pesky issues that can arise when using COM Interop and Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs). If you’ve ever had to ship multiple versions of an application that automates Microsoft Office where the only difference between your published versions… Read more

VB XML Cookbook, Recipe 7: Enumerating Large XML Files (Doug Rothaus)

VB XML Cookbook, Recipe 7: Enumerating Large XML Files (Doug Rothaus) It’s been a while since I wrote one of these XML cookbook entries. Here’s some info on a common problem: Really big XML files. I’m going to show you two things in this recipe. The first is a tip on reading very large XML… Read more

Fun With Dynamic Objects (Doug Rothaus)

A while back, I remember being asked if there was a simple way to expose a source XML document as an object with properties. That is, if the root XML element had a child element <Name>Doug</Name>, then the object would have a Name property that was a string and returned “Doug”. The catch was that… Read more

Testing Events for Nothing/Null (Doug Rothaus)

While helping some Windows API folks with some sample code this week, I stumbled upon…uh…I mean “carefully researched” an issue that you might find handy. You may be aware that the RaiseEvent statement automatically checks to verify if an event handler exists before raising the event. If the event is Nothing, then there’s no event… Read more

Implicit Line Continuation (Kathleen McGrath)

In the second part of my interview with Doug Rothaus, he describes the new implicit line continuation feature in Visual Basic 2010. Learn about the most common scenarios that no longer require the underscore character (_) in the topic, Statements in Visual Basic. See the Video: implicit Line Continuation   –Kathleen McGrath… Read more