Using Entity Framework in Silverlight with Visual Basic

If you’re looking for ways to get started with Entity Framework 4.0 in Visual Basic then be sure to check out this month’s issue of CODE Magazine.  In it the Entity Framework team has put together a walkthrough that shows how to use EF4 in Silverlight, and best of all the entire article’s in VB! … Read more

Productivity Improvements for the Entity Framework

Background We’ve been hearing a lot of good feedback on the recently released update to the Entity Framework in .NET 4. This release marks a significant advancement from the first release that shipped with .NET 3.5 SP1.  I’m not going to spend time here talking about what’s new, but you can check here to see for… Read more

VB Video Tutorials on ASP.Net Dynamic Data (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Bill Burrows, VB MVP, has released some great videos on the ASP.Net Dynamic Data features that were added in VS2008 SP1. What is Dynamic Data? “ASP.Net Dynamic Data provides a framework that enables you to quickly build a functional data-driven application, based on a LINQ to SQL or Entity Framework data model. It also adds… Read more

How LINQ to Dataset works in VB (Jonathan Aneja)

LINQ at its core requires any data source to be queryable, which basically means it must implement IEnumerable.  (It’s actually a bit more complicated than that, for a full explanation see section 11.21.2 of the Visual Basic 9.0 Language Specification).  Now when working with LINQ to Dataset we have a problem: DataTable does not implement… Read more

TableAdapter and Multiple Result Sets

Several people asked me whether TableAdapter can be used to retrieve multiple result sets from stored procedures. The quick answer is… No, you can’t do that with TableAdapter.Fill() method that gets generated as a part of Typed Dataset. But there’s a very simple work-around. DataAdapter.Fill() & Multiple Result Sets TableAdapter.Fill() method calls DataAdapter.Fill() to retrieve… Read more