.NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") for the Rest of Us

WOW! It’s been a while — almost exactly 4 years since yours truly, Beth Massi, last posted on the VB Team blog (although it’s cool to see I’m still in the tag cloud ;-)).  I’m honored to be a special guest post today. If you’ve been reading this team blog I’m sure you know by… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: Multi-Targeting Deep Dive (Beth Massi, Spotty Bowles)

I’m back with Spotty Bowles, a tester on the VB compiler team, shows us the ins and outs of how multi-targeting works in Visual Basic projects in Visual Studio 2010 in this Channel 9 interview: Channel 9 Interview: Multi-Targeting Deep Dive with Visual Basic 2010 What’s tricky in Visual Studio 2010 is that there are… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: Array and Collection Initializers in Visual Basic 2010 (Beth Massi, Spotty Bowles)

I’ve written about collection initializers on my blog before, but I thought I’d catch up with the VB Team to tell me more about how they really work. In this interview Spotty Bowles, a tester on the VB Compiler team, shows us a couple of new language features: Array and Collection Initializers. He gives us… Read more

New Learning Resources on the Visual Basic Developer Center (Beth Massi)

Today we revamped some of the Visual Basic Developer Center Learn pages with more content that allows you to pivot on more fine-grained topics and tasks related to Visual Basic programming. We’ve started with the Introductory Topics and Language Syntax pages. To get there, head to http://msdn.com/vbasic and then click the Learn tab. There you… Read more

How We Do It: Building the Visual Studio Product Line (Beth Massi, Matt Gertz)

Ever wonder how we build Visual Studio and the .NET Framework? I mean literally. You know, the build process that spits out a product at the other end?  Well I sure did and it’s not just hitting F5 people ;-). In this interview I sit down with Matt Gertz, frequent VB blogger and also the… Read more