New "How Do I" Videos Available on the Visual Basic Developer Center (Beth Massi)

If you missed it, last week 48 new How Do I videos (Forms over data, Windows development, Office development and Security) were added to the Visual Basic Developer Center in addition to adding new download formats for 12 others. Many thanks to Rob Windsor, Pat Tormey and Steve Hansen for doing these videos. In addition to… Read more

New Data Repeater Control in Latest Power Packs Release! (Beth Massi)

Check it out, the team just released a new version of the Visual Basic Power Packs which now includes a Data Repeater control. Power Packs are free Add-Ins, Controls, Components, and Tools for you to use that make developing .NET applications even easier.  From the Power Packs Team: Today we are announcing the release of the third version of the… Read more

Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Power Packs 2.0 now available

In case you didn’t see the links go live on the Visual Basic Developer Center the VB Off-Cycle team has shipped the latest edition of the Power Pack controls.  You can download them from here. In this update we’ve added the much anticipated Line and Shape controls.  The line and shape controls give you drag and… Read more