Improvements to Visual Basic 6 Runtime Support on Vista, Windows Server 2008 (by Paul Yuknewicz)

You probably didn’t notice it, but we made some important and beneficial changes to the Support Statement for Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 just a few weeks ago, and I want to share the good news. First, just like Vista, the Visual Basic 6 runtime is officially supported on Windows… Read more

LINQ for the Web Using VB (By Paul Yuknewicz)

Happy holidays!  It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post, so I figure I can bring in the new year answering some great questions submitted by you.  Just this week someone gave me this feedback: “I am having a difficult time finding information to help me adapt to LINQ in my webforms. I am hoping… Read more

Visual Basic Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow with Paul Vick (Beth Massi)

Scott Hanselman posted a podcast with with Paul Vick, Principal VB Architect, and Paul Yuknewicz, Senior Program Manager on the VB Team about the past, present and future of Visual Basic. Check it out! Enjoy,–Beth Massi, VS Community… Read more

Why you should learn WPF (and how I can help)

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was working on a side project.  Well, then the soccer, tennis, and school season hit and..well I won’t tell you the rest.  What I had started to do was take all of the samples in Charles Petzold’s book Applications = Code + Markup and rewrite them in VB for publication… Read more

Interop Roadmap – UserControls, MDI, and Data

Recently the VB team released the Interop Forms Toolkit, which allows VB6 developers to extend their existing applications using .NET.  The toolkit allows developers to write a regular Windows Form in VB.NET, click “Generate Wrapper Classes”, and then call those forms from VB6.  It also provides mechanisms for firing and handling events, and sharing application… Read more