Community Interview with Patrick Dengler (Beth Massi)

Continuing the community interviews from our Italian Visual Basic MVP Alessandro Del Sole, this time we interview Patrick Dengler. You can take a look at the Visual Basic Team page for pictures and bios and visit the home page of the Visual Basic Developer Center for a link to all these interviews as well. Here’s… Read more

Continued search for Small Business Developers and Chapter 2 of Petzold’s book (finally!)

I’ve attached the chapter 2 Visual Basic.NET code for the ongoing project of converting Peztold’s Applications = Code + Markup book on WPF proramming.  I am happy to say that Young from my team is going to help with this effort so you will see these chapters coming out more frequently. Also, we are about to… Read more

Why you should learn WPF (and how I can help)

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was working on a side project.  Well, then the soccer, tennis, and school season hit and..well I won’t tell you the rest.  What I had started to do was take all of the samples in Charles Petzold’s book Applications = Code + Markup and rewrite them in VB for publication… Read more

Small Business Developers Unite!

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday.  I’ve been spending all weekend (and the last few weeks) as a returning member of the VB team emersing myself in the product, specifically getting my head around how I would use VB today to build the types of solutoins when I was writing departmental applications, or applications for… Read more

Back home again!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to return to the Visual Basic team after almost eight years of absence!  I spent much time working in groups around Microsoft including games, office and business solutions.  But in each of these areas I focussed primarily on enabling developer scenarios.  And now I am back! And… Read more