Awesome VB9 Blog Series by Bart De Smet (Amanda Silver)

I guess I’ve been working too hard on getting the product ready to ship to notice that Bart has put together an awesome blog series on VB9. It includes discussion of a feature called runtime agility or compiler agility that we haven’t taken up on this blog. We introduced this feature to make it much… Read more

Hidden Gems in Visual Basic 2008 (Amanda Silver)

Yesterday I promised to post about the hidden gems in Visual Basic and Visual Studio 2008 that you haven’t read about in blog posts or seen at conferences. I forgot that I mentioned a few of my favorite features in the Beta1 announcement where I showed off the improvements in the Intellisense experience – statement… Read more

Visual Basic 2008 Ships!!! (Amanda Silver)

Hooray! Today we’ve finally shipped Visual Studio 2008, previously known as “Orcas”, previously known as some symbol which doesn’t have an ascii representation. We’ve come a long way, but it’s been a great ride. In his blog, Soma mentions many of the flagship features at a high-level that will undoubtedly make the every developer and… Read more

Amanda Silver will be Presenting VB and Silverlight on Second Life! (Beth Massi)

If you haven’t seen or experienced Second Life it’s pretty amazing. It’s an online, 3D, digital world. Visual Studio has created an island where you can come listen to live Microsoft presenters in this virtual world’s live presentation theater! Amanda Silver will be presenting Visual Basic on Silverlight tomorrow, July 31st at 4pm Pacific time. There’s a… Read more

Lambdas, and Take While, and Group By, Oh My!

Hooray! Visual Basic 2008 Beta2 has been released to the wild today to return to its natural habitat – the desktops of our beloved customers. (Please note our smiling GPM’s face on that landing page — he’s so happy the Beta is done.) What’s inside? So much that there might be more new features than… Read more

Live From Redmond Webcast Just Added on LINQ to XML (Beth Massi)

Back by popular demand! Amanda Silver will be presenting Live From Redmond: VB9 – Conquering XML with LINQ to XML on June 27th. In Visual Basic 9.0, XML becomes a built-in data type with a rich editing experience that completely eliminates the conceptual barrier between the code that you write and the XML that you’re trying… Read more