New VB XNA Sample – showing Xbox, Windows and Phone targetting

For all those who have started venturing into developing windows phone applications, there are quite a few samples utilizing Silverlight, but the XNA content has been a little bit light.     (We are working on getting some more XNA VB samples online).  But for those wanting to see a nice VB example of XNA development,  the Blackjack… Read more

VB Support for Microsoft Surface 2.0

Touch screen are great and we’ve seen their use on phone and slates but sometimes these screens still just are not big enough.     For those who desire bigger touch screens, Microsoft surface may be the answer.     Microsoft surface has been around a while and there have been significant changes with version 2.0.   Version 2.0 introduces… Read more

Putting back functionality left out of VB Core – ( If you can’t live without Mid when writing WP7 apps ;-) )

For development of windows phone applications a new feature was added to the Visual Basic compiler known as VB Core. This is a reduced version of the runtime designed to allow development for a broader variety of platforms without incurring the larger penalty of having a full VB runtime containing non-supported or older VB6 legacy… Read more

Halloween: VB Style!

Imagine this. It’s Halloween. You’ve got a costume party to go to at 7 but there’s one small hiccup – you’ve got no costume. As a VB programmer you’re used to coming up with nick-of-time solutions to all manner of complex business problems but all your coding skills won’t help you now. After all, you… Read more

Introducing the Microsoft "Roslyn" CTP

(Begin dramatic movie trailer music, slow PowerPoint slide show with cliché sound effects) October 2006 –VB Architect-emeritus Paul Vick responds via his blog to question by some completely random VB customer named Anthony about bootstrapping the VB compiler (rewriting it in VB), admits no definite plans yet but says that “one thing that would be nice about… Read more

Announcement: Namespace Global

There’s a new feature coming to VB, and already included in the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview. The feature is called Namespace Global and it’ll make your life easier… if you part of your code belongs in a different namespace from the rest of your project, if you use code-generating tools, which need to choose… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Visual Basic (VB) Call Hierarchy

By Zain Naboulsi (Blog)   Default: CTRL + ALT + K Menu: View | Call Hierarchy Command: View.CallHierarchy; EditorContextMenus.CodeWindow.ViewCallHierarchy Versions: Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Languages: VB With the announcement of the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview it’s time to take a look at some of the features you can start using with our latest… Read more

Dynamics CRM 2011 Developer Training Kit – Updated with VB Source

An update to the training kit has been made providing Visual Basic developers with sample code for the development features of Dynamics CRM and help them build applications using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online. Download available at    … Read more