Let the Music Play! (Matt Gertz)

Oh, boy.  Sorry I haven’t written any posts lately, but I’ve transitioned to a new job within Visual Studio and have been getting my sea legs there.  One of the job tasks is getting Visual Studio 2008 out to you folks, and while I’ve always been involved with that aspect of the product in the… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: Matt Gertz Plays Cards with Visual Basic (Beth Massi)

I just posted an interview on Channel 9 with Matt Gertz, Development Manager on the Visual Basic team (well former Dev Manager, I’ll let him explain <g>) where he shows off a Euchre game he’s developed in Visual Basic that includes speech and sound. Matt is one of our best bloggers on the VB Team and… Read more

Visual Basic 9.0 Language Specification Released (Beth Massi)

The Beta 2 version of the Visual Basic Language specification has been released onto the download center. This language specification corresponds to the version of Visual Basic that will ship in Visual Studio 2008. The spec covers the following major new features: • Friend assemblies (InternalsVisibleTo)• Relaxed delegates• Local type inferencing• Anonymous types• Extension methods• Nullable types• Ternary operator• Query expressions• Object initializers• Expression trees• Lambda… Read more

LINQ Cookbook, Recipe 9: Dynamic Sort Order (Doug Rothaus)

Ingredients: ·         Visual Studio 2008 (Beta2 or Higher)   Categories: LINQ-To-XML   Introduction: You can use the Order By clause to easily sort the results of a LINQ query in Visual Basic. A common requirement for sorted data, however, is that the user be able to choose the fields that the results are sorted by…. Read more

A Note about Enums (Scott Wisniewski)

I recently received an email from a customer who had a few questions about “enum inheritance” in VB, specifically as to why it wasn’t supported. In particular, he sent us the following snippet of VB code  (I’ve changed the names of the classes and methods involved)  : Option Strict On Public Class BaseClass    Public Enum… Read more

Continued search for Small Business Developers and Chapter 2 of Petzold’s book (finally!)

I’ve attached the chapter 2 Visual Basic.NET code for the ongoing project of converting Peztold’s Applications = Code + Markup book on WPF proramming.  I am happy to say that Young from my team is going to help with this effort so you will see these chapters coming out more frequently. Also, we are about to… Read more

Visual Studio Content – Tell Us What You Think! (Beth Massi)

The documentation team has just released a survey aimed at gathering feedback on Visual Studio content. Are you dying to tell us what you think about the Visual Studio content in the MSDN library? Please share your perspective by taking part in the Visual Studio Content Survey. The survey is completely anonymous and doesn’t require that… Read more

Channel 9 Interview – Offline Data Synchronization Services in Visual Studio 2008 (Beth Massi)

I just posted a Channel 9 interview with Milind Lele showing us his favorite VS 2008 features – the new Data Synchronization designer and how the sync services for ADO.NET work to support occasionally connected scenarios. He shows us how to set up a local database cache using SQL Compact Edition and how to use it… Read more

Why you should learn WPF (and how I can help)

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was working on a side project.  Well, then the soccer, tennis, and school season hit and..well I won’t tell you the rest.  What I had started to do was take all of the samples in Charles Petzold’s book Applications = Code + Markup and rewrite them in VB for publication… Read more