Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 6: Joins (Bill Horst)

This post assumes you’ve read the previous posts in this series:           Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 1: The Basics           Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 2: FROM and SELECT           Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 3: DISTINCT, WHERE, ORDER BY and Operators           Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 4: Functions           Converting SQL to… Read more

LINQ for the Web Using VB (By Paul Yuknewicz)

Happy holidays!  It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post, so I figure I can bring in the new year answering some great questions submitted by you.  Just this week someone gave me this feedback: “I am having a difficult time finding information to help me adapt to LINQ in my webforms. I am hoping… Read more

VB Love Song for the Holidays and New Year (By MS Friends of VB)

Here’s a holiday present just for you — in keeping with what has become a holiday tradition on Channel 9 we have Chris Anderson, Don Box and now our very own Amanda Silver singing you a special holiday song.  You can view the full video and sample code here on Channel9 (Thanks Jeff and C9 team!): With love,… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: Brian Beckman Does Higher Algebra with Visual Basic (Beth Massi)

I just posted an interview on Channel 9 with Brian Beckman , Principal Developer (currently working with Erik Meijer), where he attempts to teach me higher algebra using Visual Basic, generics, and operator overloading. Brian is a wonderful person and brilliant physicist and we have a lot of fun with vectors and matrices and VB…. Read more

Higher Algebra with Operator Overloads (Brian Beckman)

Recently I did a Channel 9 interview with Beth Massi where I walked through a Visual Basic program that used Generics and Operator overloads to perform some higher mathematics. I thought I’d follow up with a post explaining the details of exactly what I did. Operator overloads with Generics enable some beautiful designs for data… Read more