Authenticating Users from Passive IPs in Rich Client Apps – via ACS

It’s been a couple of years that we released the first samples showing how to take advantage of ACS from Windows Phone 7 applications; the iOS samples, released in the Summer,  and the Windows8 Metro sample app last Fall demonstrated that the pattern applies to just any type of rich clients. Although we explored the…


Cloud Identity Summit: Come to Our Workshop!

Photo: Skinned Mink In just about three weeks the who’s who of identity in the cloud is going to converge to Keystone, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, to talk each other into identity-induced stupor. The Cloud Identity Summit, hosted by our friends at Ping Identity, is an event that I greatly enjoyed last year: and…


Fun with FabrikamShipping SaaS I: Creating a Small Business Edition Instance

It’s been few months that we pulled the wrap off FabrikamShipping SaaS, and the response (example here) has been just great: I am glad you guys are finding the sample useful! In fact, FabrikamShipping SaaS contains really a lot of interesting stuff and I am guilty of not having found the time to highlight the…


New FabrikamShipping SaaS Release for Windows Azure SDK 1.3 and December Labs Release of ACS

I hope you took some to time to rest last month, because now it’s time to dive right back in! To get you back into your cloud habit, I would suggest a SaaS entrée. It’s already few weeks that the online instance of FabrikamShipping SaaS () has been updated: today we are releasing the corresponding…


New Online Demo: Introducing FabrikamShipping SaaS

Last June, the beginning of the fiscal year for Microsoft, I’ve been asked to add to my identity for developers mission an additional focus: helping ISVs to take advantage of the Windows Azure Platform for writing Software as a Service solutions. Rather than devising abstract guidance, we decided to tackle the challenge by walking a…


Claims, WIF & ACS on the Cloud Cover Show

With all the commotion for the book, blogging about this just fell through the cracks. Every week Ryan and Steve host a great show on all things Windows Azure (& platform). For this week’s episode I had the honor & privilege to eat up most of the time, filling up a whiteboard of the usual…


Updated identity labs in the new Windows Azure Platform Training Kit

Among the flurry of announcements today, I am sure you didn’t miss David’s announcement of the new release of the Windows Azure platform Training Kit! What you may have missed is the new identity content, straight from the identity+Windows Azure labs in the March2010 and April2010 releases of the Identity Training Kit: Using WIF for…


The “Third Book”

Back in August 2009 I wrote a post announcing the various book efforts I was involved in, and I mentioned a mysterious third book I was supposed to contribute one article to. Well, last week my esteemed colleague Tom Kohler walked in one of my EIC sessions in Munich and handed me a copy of…


Theseus’ Ship

Doodling while attending panels at the EIC. The ones who attended yesterday’s session on claims and cloud will understand 😉


European Identity Conference & Cloud Summit 2010 in Munich

I just (barely) made it back few days ago from a 3-weeks EU trip (Belgium & UK WIF Workshops, Belgium TechDays and Italian VS2010 launch), and I am already setting my out of office message again. In few hours I have a flight for Munich, where I’ll delivery the German WIF Workshop and I’ll attend…