A Refresh of the Windows Azure Authentication Library Developer Preview

Three months ago we released the first developer preview of the Windows Azure Authentication Library. Today we are publishing a refresh of the developer preview, with some important (and at times radical) improvements. We already kind of released this update, albeit in stealth mode, to enable the Windows Azure authentication bits in the ASP.NET Fall…


Inside the Windows Azure Active Directory Web SSO Sample for Java

By now I am sure you heard that the Windows Azure Active Directory Developer Preview is out. We announced so many interesting news that you might just have missed an interesting fact: as part of this release we made available a couple of samples developed on… something other than Visual Studio Namely, I am referring…


New Drop of the Identity Training Kit Shows WIF in .NET 4.5, VS 2012

You asked for it, we got it done We just published on the download center a new drop of the Identity Developer Training Kit, updated to use WIF 4.5 and the new tools for VS2012 RC. The new release contains just the absolute essential to wrap your head around the new object model and the…


The Recording of “A Lap Around Windows Azure Active Directory” From TechEd Europe is Live

Hi all! I am typing this post from Shiphol, Amsterdam’s airport, where I am waiting to fly back to Seattle after a super-intense 2 days at TechEd Europe. As it is by now tradition for Microsoft’s big events, the video recording of the breakout sessions are available on Channel9 within 24 hours from the delivery….


Next Week at TechEd Europe: A Lap Around Windows Azure Active Directory

After long months spent in my dark PM-cave in Redmond, it’s finally conferences season again! Last week I had the pleasure of presenting WIF 4.5 at TechEd Orlando and meet many of you; this Saturday I am flying to Amsterdam, and Tuesday I am scheduled to deliver a repeat of Stuart’s session on Windows Azure…


The Recording of “What’s New in WIF 4.5” From TechEd USA is Live

Howdy! Last week I had the pleasure of increasing my curliness by a 3x factor thanks to the moist Orlando weather, which I visited for delivering a session on what’s new with WIF in the .NET framework 4.5. I also took advantage of the occasion for having detailed conversations with many of you guys, which…


Windows Identity Foundation Tools for Visual Studio 2012 RC

They’re out, folks. Few minutes ago Marc flipped the switch on the refresh of the WIF tools for the RC of Visual Studio 2012. There’s not a lot of news, this was mostly a stabilization effort; if you want to learn about what the tools do, the original posts we did for Beta are still…


Authenticating Users from Passive IPs in Rich Client Apps – via ACS

It’s been a couple of years that we released the first samples showing how to take advantage of ACS from Windows Phone 7 applications; the iOS samples, released in the Summer,  and the Windows8 Metro sample app last Fall demonstrated that the pattern applies to just any type of rich clients. Although we explored the…


The WIF tools for Visual Studio 11 Beta on CloudCover!

The latest CloudCover episode features yours truly endlessly rambling about the new WIF tools for Visual Studio 11 Beta. If you want to see the tools in action, rather than reading through yesterday’s posts, tune in! Thanks to Wade for having me again on the show, it was a blast also: make sure you do…