Fun with Blink(1) and Claims: Unboxing and Identity Providers’ Synesthesia

[WARNING: this post has no business value whatsoever, and that is by design. Please do not take any of this post as something you’d do in your applications. I got a new toy and I am just goofing around with it :-)] If you’ve been reading this blog through the years, you know I am…

Detachable Lenses Give Your Smartphone the Gift of Supersight

[Yes, another non-identity and non-cloud related post about gadgets: after all, it’s Saturday! But the next one will be a serious post, I promise] Being able at any time to pull out from your pocket a phone capable of capturing megapixel pictures & videos is awesome, but oftentimes I do miss the versatility that a…

Dell Venue Pro: a Jewel and a Race Horse in a Single Chassis

Long time readers know that, besides being far too interested in weird security protocols, I am kind of a gadget freak. Well, after much kicking and screaming I finally managed to put my fangs on a brand new Dell Venue Pro: and ho boy, was it worth the wait. The last phone I bought was…


Unboxing of the Zotac ZBOX ID34

[warning: no identity or technical content here] It’s so long that I don’t write a post about gadgets that the term disappeared from my tag cloud. Well, tonight after dinner I took a break from the usual grind and decided to pay homage to this ceremony that gadget lovers seems to have grown accustomed with,…


HTC * ( Touch Pro2 vs Universal )

[warning: no identity in this post] Ahh, immense joy. Today coming back from work I found a nice surprise: a brand new HTC Touch Pro2. Well, not exactly a surprise, since I spent every idle moment refreshing the FedEx tracking page; but it’s always a nice feeling to unbox a new gadget (as long as…


Live Mesh: …because I can

I am sure you already fell in love with Live Mesh: I know I did. Today I did a little experiment, which probably shows how desperately I need to go in vacation ASAP: I wanted to do a mega-remote session that would go through pretty much all the physical machines I am using there days….


My new Fujitsu U810

[warning: this post does not feature any identity related content, and it’s probably useless] I feel for the UMPCs an unhealthy (walletwise) attraction, since the very moment they came out. In fact, if you dig in the early years of this blog you’ll see I am a gadget freak: I am still proudly going around…


A (fiscal) year in review

It’s that time of the year again: the end of June marks the end of the fiscal year, and for us it’s time to reflect on what we’ve done in the past 12 months. Vast majority of the things I’ve done are internal-only or with high profile customers that can’t be mentioned publicly until their…

Securing a Sidebar Gadget with Windows CardSpace and WCF

In short: I discuss Sidebar Gadgets, and I show you how to invoke a CardSpace-protected WCF service from a simple Gadget. Full source code is provided, along with detailed commentary on the road I’ve followed for getting there. Added bonus: the code shows how to apply an arbitrary configuration file to WCF, an issue often encountered…


WCF on Windows Mobile

Well, I guess a lot of people waited for this. Being able to write WS-* apps on phone? THIS IS GREAT!!!!