CardSpace: Steven blogs, and Nigel is back on business!

Finally Steven is blogging! I always wondered when he’d start sharing his great experience on the Identity space, and I’d say I was never afraid to tell him 🙂 Steven has a view of the current identity landscape & players that only few others are in the position to obtain: if he’ll manage to share…

Caleb explains CardSpace… for free!

Time to give Caleb well deserved real estate in this blog. He’s explaining the most intricated CardSafe scenario, also thanks to the diagram that you can see behind his shoulders. Apparently the kisks were’t supposed to be used as whiteboards, but we pionieered the approach and now pretty much everybody is using this technique 🙂…


TechEd: Great traffic at the CardSpace booth

Me, Garrett, Richard and Caleb are very busy these days! CardSpace is getting a lot of interest, and it’s always a pleasure to witness so many “A-HA” moments :).Keep the good questions coming! In  the picture, two pictoresque characters at the CardSpace booth 🙂

Infocard->Windows CardSpace

I was sentimentally attached to the name “Infocard”, as I was to “Indigo” and “Avalon”… but I’ve to say that I love the name CardSpace! The acronym (WCS) sounds even familiar, now that I have learned to pronounce all those W-consonant-consonant. [:)] Check out the announcement of the new name on Somasegar blog.Ah, I was almost forgetting…


Infocard: on Cards & Tokens

Well, I knew that. This is a question that, unspoken or explicit, often arose every time I introduced somebody to Infocard (and between enterprise engagements, Mix, regional events, webcasts, colleagues & relatives that actually happened quite a lot of times by now :)). And the question is:   “When I authenticate with a website using…


MSDN Architecture Webcast: Using "Infocard" to Safely Manage Customer Identity in Retail (Level 200)

If you don’t mind my thick Italian accent, tomorrow I have yet another webcast on Infocard! Abstract As e-commerce moves from a transactional to a customer-centric process, winning and maintaining the trust of your customers becomes more important than ever. Microsoft “Infocard” is the code name for a new technology in WinFX that simplifies and…

Windows Live ID: Infocard!!!

or “la sagra della federazione” :). Windows Live embraces Federation, claim based authe tication and WS-*; insodoing, Infocard is really the natural step to make! Read all about it here:

So you want to adopt Infocard?

Good news, you’re in very good company. I’ve spent the last few months flying around the Globe, helping BIG players in the enterprise space to devise ways in which they can start getting pragmatic with Infocard in their business. While I can’t go into details, for obvious reasons, I believe that sharing some of the…