Tomorrow at #TEE12: Book Signing & Free Copies

Howdy folks! FYI: tomorrow at 2pm I am going to be at the Microsoft Press stand to do some book signing. Although you might not be especially interested in getting my scrawls, you might be interested in getting a free copy of Programming Windows Identity Foundation I am told that the first people showing up…


25 Free Copies of “Programming Windows Identity Foundation” at Teched

Yesterday I posted about my sessions at TechEd and the book signing event. My friends at O’Reilly, though, graciously pointed out that I didn’t mention the juiciest fact: The first 25 people who will show up at the book signing will receive a free copy of Programming Windows Identity Foundation! That is really super-nice of…


TechEd USA 2010: Identity, Identity, Identity and Book Signing

These days practically everybody I meet on campus is preparing to fly to Atlanta for TechEd, with the notable exception of Steve Marx (it seems I may be losing our bet after all). Atlanta holds a special meaning for me. Back in 2004 I won the Circle of Excellence award, which (among various awesome things)…


Programming Windows Identity Foundation is [Figuratively] on Fire!

It feels like a year already, but in fact it’s been not even 5 months that Programming Windows Identity Foundation hit the virtual and physical shelves. Last week I was hanging out with Giorgio at a certain library, and out of curiosity I checked if they had a copy of the book: it turned out…


In Stock! Also, First Review

Inching closer & closer… Amazon and OReilly now have Programming WIF in stock, although Amazon didn’t ship the copy I pre-ordered yet. Also, first review! Thank you Israel for your kind words 🙂


The First Dead-Tree Copy of the Book is Here!

[I know, you must be sick of book-related posts: please bear with me just a bit longer, I think we’re almost done :-)] [UPDATED] YES! I just found under the door mat – wait for it – the very first printed copy of Programming Windows Identity Foundation! Considering that exactly today it’s 9 years that…


The Table of Content of Programming Windows Identity Foundation

Various readers asked me to provide the table of content of Programming Windows Identity Foundation, so here it is. The formatting is not perfect, but I wanted to make sure to keep the page numbers and indentation so that you can assess how much space has been dedicated to any given topic you want to…


WIF & Yours Truly @ the Knowledge Chamber

Last week Robert Hess, host extraordinaire, invited me to his The Knowledge Chamber show. The casus belli was the release of Programming Windows Identity Foundation, but we ended up having a nice chat about all things claims-based identity. I even had the chance of showing a super-quick demo using WIF, ACS, the security token visualizer…


Just Out: The eBook Version of “Programming Windows Identity Foundation”

[UPDATE: I eventually got it too, see at the end of the post] Yes, you get to see the eBook version of my book even before I do 🙂 O’Reilly just made available today the eBook option for Programming Windows Identity Foundation. Thanks to Mike Erickson’s tweet we also know that the download now works…


“Programming Windows Identity Foundation” has been sent to the printer

[this may look weird at first, but bear with me] The Roman numerals notation emerged with Roman civilization itself, around the 9th century BC, though its roots go all the way back to the Etruscans. It is not an especially handy system: it’s not well suited for representing large numbers, and arithmetic (especially multiplications and…