Use the JWT handler to write a μ- Authorization Server in ~3 lines of code – see it in action with a Windows Store app client & Web API PR

[if there was ever a post where you NEED to understand my post disclaimers, this is it. This is my PERSONAL blog, what I write here are MY OWN personal elucubrations, largely written on nights and weekends instead of engaging in healthy activities, and is by no mean official guidance. Please refer to MSDN and…


Using the JWT handler for Implementing “Poor Man”’s Delegation/ActAs

After much abstract thought (very well received! thank you! :-)) it’s time to get back to some good old C#, or you’ll think I’ve gone soft 🙂 Say that you have a Web application protected via claims-based identity. Say that your application occasionally reaches out to a backend service, and that the service output (or…


Using AAL to Secure Calls to a Classic WCF Service

[you do remember that this is my personal blog and those are my own opinions, right? ;-)] After the releases we’ve been publishing in the last few months, I am sure you have little doubt that REST is something we are really interested in supporting. The directory uses OAuth for all sorts of workloads, the…


Fun with Blink(1) and Claims: Unboxing and Identity Providers’ Synesthesia

[WARNING: this post has no business value whatsoever, and that is by design. Please do not take any of this post as something you’d do in your applications. I got a new toy and I am just goofing around with it :-)] If you’ve been reading this blog through the years, you know I am…


Access Control & Core Directory Available at No Charge

Folks, this is big. Check out the announcement that went out yesterday on the Windows Azure blog. In fact, I am going to quote it here in its entirety! Here goes: Identity Management and Access Control are anchors for virtually all critical processes, collaboration and transactions. To that end, it was no accident that Access…


A Refresh of the Windows Azure Authentication Library Developer Preview

Three months ago we released the first developer preview of the Windows Azure Authentication Library. Today we are publishing a refresh of the developer preview, with some important (and at times radical) improvements. We already kind of released this update, albeit in stealth mode, to enable the Windows Azure authentication bits in the ASP.NET Fall…


Provisioning a Windows Azure Active Directory Tenant as an Identity Provider in an ACS Namespace

Thanks to the improvements introduced in the latest refresh of the developer preview of Windows Azure Active Directory, we are finally able to support a scenario you often asked for: provisioning  a Windows Azure Active Directory tenant as an identity provider in an ACS namespace. In this post I am going to describe how to…


Windows Azure AD, Graph API and AAL on the Cloud Cover Show

Hi all! I am briefly emerging from my yearly time off to notify you that my good friends Nick & Nate just published the latest episode of the Cloud Cover show, featuring your furry PM (I waited until the how’s recording to shave my goatee!) chatting with the hosts about all things Windows Azure AD….


New Drop of the Identity Training Kit Shows WIF in .NET 4.5, VS 2012

You asked for it, we got it done We just published on the download center a new drop of the Identity Developer Training Kit, updated to use WIF 4.5 and the new tools for VS2012 RC. The new release contains just the absolute essential to wrap your head around the new object model and the…