Tomorrow at #TEE12: Book Signing & Free Copies

Howdy folks! FYI: tomorrow at 2pm I am going to be at the Microsoft Press stand to do some book signing. Although you might not be especially interested in getting my scrawls, you might be interested in getting a free copy of Programming Windows Identity Foundation I am told that the first people showing up…


Next Week at TechEd Europe: A Lap Around Windows Azure Active Directory

After long months spent in my dark PM-cave in Redmond, it’s finally conferences season again! Last week I had the pleasure of presenting WIF 4.5 at TechEd Orlando and meet many of you; this Saturday I am flying to Amsterdam, and Tuesday I am scheduled to deliver a repeat of Stuart’s session on Windows Azure…


TechEd 2011微软中国技术大会:下周与您相约

  亲爱的中国读者, 我很高兴地宣布今年我也将会出席在北京的TechEd技术会议! 我将会在10月13日星期四演讲几个话题;其中的一个话题跟我在几周前的//Build会议上展示的比较相似,另外一个话题将会是基于claims身份架构的深入浅出。 不过我来北京最重要的原因其实是见到你们!我想向你们学习一切有关如何处理你们应用程序身份的问题,这样我才能够把你们的要求带回雷蒙德。我将会有空出席于TechEd 会场星期三(12日)以及星期五(14日)的会议,如果您感兴趣,请跟我联系吧。 谢谢!期待下周与您相约! 维托里奥 附言:十分感谢我的好朋友兼同事 王超 帮我翻译这篇博客。 P.P.S.: last year’s keynote recording:


At TechEd Atlanta? Come Over to the Federated Identity Booth!

Friendly faces everywhere / Humble folks without temptation . More seriously, this is one of those rare occasions where you could meet with the guy who wrote (or spec’ed) the exact feature you are interested into… and they are all here for answering your questions. Don’t miss the opportunity!


25 Free Copies of “Programming Windows Identity Foundation” at Teched

Yesterday I posted about my sessions at TechEd and the book signing event. My friends at O’Reilly, though, graciously pointed out that I didn’t mention the juiciest fact: The first 25 people who will show up at the book signing will receive a free copy of Programming Windows Identity Foundation! That is really super-nice of…


TechEd USA 2010: Identity, Identity, Identity and Book Signing

These days practically everybody I meet on campus is preparing to fly to Atlanta for TechEd, with the notable exception of Steve Marx (it seems I may be losing our bet after all). Atlanta holds a special meaning for me. Back in 2004 I won the Circle of Excellence award, which (among various awesome things)…



[thanks to Dan Yang for the translation :-)] 我将讲授两个课程,都在12月2日,下面是课程安排: Session Code COS-300-1 9:45-10:45 云计算中的身份认证以及访问控制 Identity & Access Control in the Cloud     Session Code ARC-300-4 17:00-18:00 利用Windows Azure Platform开发SaaS的解决方案 Developing SaaS Solutions with the Windows Azure Platform     我上次来北京还是在2009年1月:那已经是很久以前的事了。我迫不及待再次看看你们美丽的城市,见见优秀的开发者们!


Speaking @… Tech.Ed Europe

It’s that time of the year again. After few months of Redmond-centric work, in early November I am scheduled to hop on a plane for Berlin and once again partake to the technology feast of Tech.Ed Europe, 2010 edition. I don’t have a really good memory of last year’s experience, but that’s entirely due to…


The new FabrikamShipping at Bob Muglia’s keynote @ tech.ed US

If you tune in to the live tech.ed keynote RIGHT NOW, you’ll catch the always sharp Doug Purdy demoing a brand new version of the FabrikamShipping demo. Started as an identity-centric scenario, FabrikamShipping has been completely renewed to leverage the newest developer & server technologies, both on-premises & Windows Azure platform; it also got a…