Hide svc extension from your REST services with the URLrewrite module for IIS7

I am now focusing exclusively on identity & services, true, but certain news about former interests of mine are just too good not to share. While evangelizing the web capabilities of WCF introduced in the framework 3.5, one of the most recurring questions was about hiding the svc extension for WCF services. That makes a…


Windows CardSpace will work without HTTPS, too

In short: I discuss a new feature, introduced by the .NET framework 3.5 and by a (future) update of IE, which enables the use of CardSpace also on websites on normal http (as opposed to https).   Back in January I was asking Caleb (SDET on the CardSpace team and most excellent buddy author) when he would…


A (fiscal) year in review

It’s that time of the year again: the end of June marks the end of the fiscal year, and for us it’s time to reflect on what we’ve done in the past 12 months. Vast majority of the things I’ve done are internal-only or with high profile customers that can’t be mentioned publicly until their…


Build castles in the Cloud with the new drop of the BizTalk Services SDK

Yesterday night I was going through the unresolved parts of the inbox, a fairly boring task, when Dennis rescued me: he chimed in via Messenger reminding me that a new version of the BizTalk Services SDK is out. It wasn’t hard to switch my attention to something far more exciting, and I promptly installed it….


A RESTful CardSpace: sending tokens using the new WCF AJAX Services in Orcas

In short: this is the description of a sample that sends a CardSpace-obtained token to an AJAX service implemented with the new Orcas features. Few posts ago I published a tutorial about using CardSpace with Silver. While talking about it with Kushal Shah from the Workflow team, he suggested that it could be nice if…


The solution for the Silver CardSpace sample & the OperationValidation handler

In the last loooong post, the one about using CardSpace together with the new Receive activity featured by the Beta1 of the framework 3.5, I mentioned I would have attached the final solution: however I didn’t do it right away, to give some incentive to actually go through the simple steps of the tutorial.  Hehehe I…


A Silver CardSpace: securing Orcas Workflow Services with Windows CardSpace

In short: this is a step by step tutorial for creating from scratch a Workflow Service with the Beta 1 release of Visual Studio codename “Orcas”. The tutorial shows how to secure the service with Windows CardSpace, how to create a client application on the fly and how to access claims from the code of…


Orcas @ MSDN Connections

Orcas is finally out 🙂 Matt gives a superbly detailed intro to the new features in this post. Today I had a chance to showcase some of the new Orcas features to a nice audience here in Singapore, specifically the syndication & web capabilities and the awesome workflow services. I believe it was the very first…