II Rotor workshop, day 1

Cool first day of workshop. Extremely interesting, I never followed with attention the Rotor Community phenomena and it seems really something. A lot of interesting idea came out, especially about the foreseable future of programming languages. I especially liked the description of the poliphonic C# language model and the various dissertations about the advantages of…


ROTOR Workshop

Next week there will be a ROTOR workshop in Pisa (50 Km from where I live), a short walk from the leaning tower, with a lot of cool names from MSR, DevelopMentor and so on. I’m going to try to partecipate: in the case, and if people here will show some interest on the subject, I’ll…



In my periodical running of the query http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=grid+computing+%22.net%22+ogsa there’s a new result worth noticing: there is a Tech Preview of an OGSI.NET hosting environment that supercedes a previous HTTPG implementation. And guess what? It leverages WSE for security 🙂

Word count of DNWL

I thought it could have been interesting to see the word occurrencies in the various blogs of DNWL, just to seek further confirmation of the geeky attitude of the community 🙂 So I just implemented a quick DictionaryTree and I scanned the SpecialFolder26\SharpReader\Cache (leaving in it DNWL files only). For the sake of simplicity, I…

DNWL word occurrences



WebService Usage

Hmm. Always for the sake of clarity, I believe that some more words should be spent on in which sense WSs “are another layer in a multi-layer architecture”… They introduce some kind of factorization of the enterprise ecosistem, sure: however I’d say that their taxonomy is somewhat orthogonal to the tier one. They are deeply…


1972, Camogli, Genova, Italy north coast. Master Degree in CS. Some results in pure research (computational geometry). 3 years doing scientific visualization and VR user interfaces in Milan. After four years working in Microsoft Services in Italy, I moved to Microsoft Corporation in Redmond as an Architect Evangelist in the Developer&Platform Evangelism. WinFx ROCKS!.


This weblog expresses my personal thoughts ONLY. Nothing of what I say here is affiliated with my employer (Microsoft Corporation).As stressed by many others in the same condition, I’m just a technical guy.       Questo weblog esprime ESCLUSIVAMENTE il mio pensonale pensiero. Nulla di quanto dico qui va inteso come in quasivoglia relazione con l’azienda per…

Hearthquake in north Italy

Too bad. An earthquake just occurred in north Italy, at my mom’s town. There are no reports of damage yet, but as always in those cases the internet is completely unresponsive… This is one of the cases in which having a lot of IM pals scattered around the country really helps gathering info.

Here we are!!!

Hello multiverse 🙂 After some time spent lurking blogs phenomena, I caught myself wanting to play as well… MANY thanks to dotnetweblogs.com and its creator for giving me such easy way to support this urge:-) Since weekend is coming, I’m planning to set up everything (metadata, disclaimer, use precautions, bio, first .net related post) later. Stay tuned! Vibro.NET P.S:…