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During the lunch break of the day before my session at TechEd Orlando I went to inspect the room, knowing that at 12pm I could notice things that would be perfectly invisible to my still-asleep-self the day after (as I abundantly advertised, my session was at dawn. Can you hear me, TechEd schedulers?Winking smile).

At the podium I found Michele, still wrapping up questions from her excellent Essential Tips for the Windows Azure Startup, and we indulged in few minutes of catching-up chit-chat (yes, hyphens are back in fashion for this post). In a short we were joined by David Giard, who happens to run the well known Technology and Friends video podcast. He asked me if I was up to record an episode with him, and you know me: how could I pass an opportunity to hear myself blabber for 20 minutes? Winking smile

So we sat, David unfolded his camera with few expert moves, and we spent (actually!) 20 minutes chatting on the pseudo-etymology of “federation” as the term is used today, and other deliciously abstract stuff. Done with that, David folded his camera back, we exchanged the proper greetings and we parted ways.

A couple of days ago, about a month later, my MetroTwit reported back that the episode got posted. David did a great job with the interview, although I suspect he selected the preview frame for scaring the kids Smile so if you are into this kind of things (claims-based identity, not scaring kidsWinking smile) by all means check it out.

Thanks again David for having me!

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