Next Week at TechEd Europe: A Lap Around Windows Azure Active Directory


After long months spent in my dark PM-cave in Redmond, it’s finally conferences season again!

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting WIF 4.5 at TechEd Orlando and meet many of you; this Saturday I am flying to Amsterdam, and Tuesday I am scheduled to deliver a repeat of Stuart’s session on Windows Azure Active Directory. Below you can find all the coordinates: and oh marvel of the modern technology, you can even add it directly to your calendar by clicking here.

A Lap around Windows Azure Active Directory

SIA209, a 200 level Breakout Session in Security & Identity

Vittorio Bertocci in E102 on Tue, Jun 26 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) is the conceptual equivalent in the cloud of Windows Server Active Directory (WS AD), and is integrated with WS AD itself. In this session, developers, administrators, and architects gain a high-level overview of WAAD, covering functional elements, supported scenarios, and an end-to-end tour, plus a roadmap for the future. #TESIA209

That is hot stuff, my friends. I am honored to be chartered to speak about such important topic, which has the attention of the Gotha of identity (Kim, John, Craig just to give you an idea). I know that the session is a 200, which means that I should not go too deep; and that most of the people in the room will be administrator, which means that I really should not open Visual Studio; but you guys know me, something tells me that I’ll do it anyway Winking smile

Also: I’ll arrive Sunday morning and leave already on Wednesday, hence I’ll be there barely he time to call Random.Next() a few times on my circadian cycle: if you want to catch me and chat, just head to the (aptly named) Directory and drop me a line!

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