Windows Identity Foundation Tools for Visual Studio 2012 RC


They’re out, folks. Few minutes ago Marc flipped the switch on the refresh of the WIF tools for the RC of Visual Studio 2012. There’s not a lot of news, this was mostly a stabilization effort; if you want to learn about what the tools do, the original posts we did for Beta are still valid. Also, last week I gave a presentation at TechEd USA about what’s new in WIF 4.5: the tools took a fairly big portion of the talk, so if you prefer videos to written text head to the recording on Channel9.

Here there are some sparse comments on the release:

  • We fixed tens of bugs, significantly improving the stability of the experience. Thank you all for your feedback, which helped us to track those down!
  • The RC of the tool still requires you to run VS as administrator. That’s unfortunate, I know: we are looking into it. However I have to give you a heads-up: during the TechEd talk I asked to the audience (~150) who would not be able to use the tools at all if they’d require running VS as administrator, and only 3 raised their hands. If the running as admin is a complete blocker for you, please leave comments to this post or in the tools download pages ASAP. Thanks!
  • Now for the good news: once you install the RC of the tools, the WIF samples released for Beta will keep working in VS 2012 RC without modifications

That’s it. Download, code away & be merry! Smile

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