Updated Windows Azure Access Control Service Cmdlets: Modules, Continuation and Backup/Restore!

As promised yesterday, here there’s one of the deliverables I mentioned. About one month ago we published the first release of a set of PowerShell cmdlets for ACS: wrappers for the ACS management APIs, which allow you to easily script tasks such as wiping a namespace, adding an OpenID provider, automating often-used provisioning flows and…



[Dave, forgive me for lifting your headline it’s just too good a fit for the occasion] As anticipated during a recent CloudCover episode, tomorrow it’s going to be my first day as Principal Program Manager in the identity product team. I’ll be looking after the developer experience for our identity products on premises and in…


Cloud Identity Summit: Come to Our Workshop!

Photo: Skinned Mink In just about three weeks the who’s who of identity in the cloud is going to converge to Keystone, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, to talk each other into identity-induced stupor. The Cloud Identity Summit, hosted by our friends at Ping Identity, is an event that I greatly enjoyed last year: and…


Powerscripting Podcast: ACS, Windows Azure and… PowerShell

Last week I had the pleasure of being guest on the PowerScripting podcast, THE show about PowerShell. That’s actually pretty uncharacteristic for me, considering that at every session I deliver at TechEd I spend the first few minutes on colorful disclaimers about the session being for developers, as opposed to IT administrator… however both the…


Storing Encrypted Tokens with the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1

If you went through the hands on lab for using ACS on your Windows Phone 7 application, you already know that saving the user the hassle to re-authenticate all the times entails a security tradeoff. Here there’s what I wrote in the lab’s instructions: Saving a token on the phone’s storage is not very secure….


“Mango” and the ACS+Phone Samples

Yesterday we released the Beta of the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1, with a boatload of new awesome features (I’ll write about one of those in the next post). Beta versions are likely to have some known issues, and this one is no exception. In fact, there is a bug that you are likely to…


Adding a Custom OpenID Provider to ACS… with JUST ONE LINE of PowerShell Code

ACS offers you a variety of identity provider you can integrate with. Many of you will be familiar with the list shown by the management portal at the beginning of the add new identity provider wizard. Some of you may also know that ACS integrates with Yahoo! and Google using OpenID, however from your point…


Announcing: Sample ACS Cmdlets for the Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service

Long story short: we are releasing on Codeplex a set of PowerShell cmdlets which wrap the management API of the Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service. This is hopefully for the joy of our IT admin friends who want to add ACS to their arsenal, but I bet that this will make many developers happy…


At TechEd Atlanta? Come Over to the Federated Identity Booth!

Friendly faces everywhere / Humble folks without temptation . More seriously, this is one of those rare occasions where you could meet with the guy who wrote (or spec’ed) the exact feature you are interested into… and they are all here for answering your questions. Don’t miss the opportunity!