New Paper: Single Sign-On from Active Directory to a Windows Azure Application

I knooow, for many of you this is already Not News; but I can assure you that if you would have spent the last few days wrestling with the airlines & bad weather combo in EU, combined with the anechoic force field that seems to isolate my Mom’s house from the Internet,  you’d be lagging behind too! 🙂

Aaaanyway: just few days ago we published a new whitepaper on my favorite subjects, claims-based identity and cloud computing. David Mowers and yours truly are listed as the authors, but in fact Stuart Kwan, Paul Becks and various others gave a huge contribution to it. We worked for presenting you in a nice package some end to end indications on how to reuse your existing investment in AD for handling access to your Windows Azure applications. The key enablers here are, of course, ADFS and WIF.

Give it a spin and let us know what do you think! Holiday cheers, V.


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