Speaking @… PDC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yesterday we released the list of sessions for PDC2010. I am dazzled to be finally be able to say it: I have the honor to be the speaker for the identity breakout session!

I had the pleasure to present at PDC09 as well, and speaking at PDC is always a Big Deal; but if you know how PDC10 is going to work this year, you know this is a Huge Deal. Some key points:

  • All breakout sessions are going to be broadcasted *LIVE* (as in real time) and in HD
  • There are fewer breakouts: if you go in the Schedule tab of the player, you’ll see that there is a very focused selection of sessions
  • The sessions will be close-captioned and with audio tracks instantly translated in multiple languages
  • There are many viewing parties all around the planet, where people will gather to follow the event online
  • The player application will allow the audience to interact, for example by submitting questions

All of the above means that the potential audience is just GARGANTUAN. For an evangelist, this is the ultimate reach tool. I had a real time streaming speaking experience when I gave the keynote of the Italian Visual Studio launch back in Spring: I imagine that will be similar, but on a much bigger scale, with a talk that is dramatically more technical… and probably without makeup 🙂 ah, and for once I may even not have jetlag, since it all takes place at about an 8 minutes drive from my house.

I can’t tell you much about the talk in itself, of course, or people here will come after my mane; hence, I will just paste the customary title+abstract here. In fact, I’ll also add the time: for once, that will be actionable also if you are not on the conference floor! The session will start at 10:15am PST, which would be 1:15pm in New York, 18:15 in London, 19:15 in Paris and a casa in Italia, 21:15 in Moscow, 10:45pm in India, 1:15am in 北京 and Singapore, 4:15am in Sydney and 6:15am in Auckland. Wow, I guess Earth is round after all 😉

Identity & Access Control in the Cloud

10:15 AM-11:15 AM GMT-7

Signing users in and granting them access is a core function of almost every cloud-based application. In this session we will show you how to simplify your user experience by enabling users to sign in with an existing account such as a Windows Live ID, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or on-premises Active Directory account, implement access control, and make secure connections between applications. You will learn how the AppFabric Access Control Service, Windows Identity Foundation, and Active Directory Federation Services use a claims-based identity architecture to help you to take advantage of the shift toward the cloud while still fully leveraging your on-premises investments.

I can’t tell you how honored I am to represent in this session the good work of so many great engineers. The product teams for WIF, ACS and ADFS did (and are doing!) a phenomenal job in bringing to the market technologies that didn’t even exist as of just a couple of years ago: one hour is not enough for doing justice to that, but I’ll do my best 🙂

See you next week… in Redmond, or in your browser!

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  1. freak says:

    one of the best presentations i ever went through. Though, i didn't have the pleasure to view it Live, but still i got a chance to go through the recorded session. It's really great.

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