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As it often happens, this year two great events take place in the same time slot: both Tech.Ed Europe and ØREDEV are scheduled for the week of November the 8th. According to the Law of Inviolability of Events’ Time Slots, enunciated in a form or another by many professional speakers but usually boils down to “just one major event per week”, I would have to choose between one or the other: unfortunately I am absolutely unable to, and I decided to try doing both. As a result, I am staying at Tech.Ed from Monday to Wednesday, Thursday I am travelling and on Friday I have two sessions at ØREDEV (Saturday at dawn I have my flight back to Seattle).

If you ever worked with Scandinavian audiences, you’ll understand why I am so adamant in participating to ØREDEV despite all the schedule churn. I had the luck to talk in Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and recently in Norway, and every single time I’ve been impressed by how sharp and well prepared developers are.

On top of that, I am especially fond of ØREDEV; I spoke there a couple of years ago, and the creativity of those guys (Magnus & Michael, I am talking of you :-)) is just great. If anything, I’m sad I’ll be able to be there just one day. If you want to hang out on Thursday night, I’ll be at the speaker’s hotel (likely stuffing myself with reindeer stew).

You can get to my sessions’ descriptions from the speaker page, but as usual I am pasting them here. The first one will be a standard intro to WIF, for the second one I would really like to make something interactive in which we dig deep in how claims based identity can help you solve your specific problems. Come with your questions ready!

Windows Identity Foundation

Friday the 12th, 10:15 - 11:05
Track: .Net

Hear how Windows Identity Foundation makes advanced identity capabilities and open standards first class citizens in the Microsoft .NET Framework. Learn how the Claims Based access model integrates seamlessly with the traditional .NET identity object model while also giving developers complete control over every aspect of authentication, authorization, and identity-driven application behavior. See examples of the point and click tooling with tight Microsoft Visual Studio integration, advanced STS capabilities, and much more that Windows Identity Foundation consistently provides across on-premise, service-based, ASP.NET and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications.

Claims-Based Identity: Architectural Patterns

Friday the 12th, 15:35 - 16:25
Track: Patterns

Claims-based identity is the overarching principle governing every product and service in the latest generation of identity and access management technologies. Come to this session to discover how very few basic concepts can be composed into powerful patterns, which can model the access control strategy for a wide array of scenarios: single sign on across web sites, reuse of social identities, rich client and mobile applications, REST and SOAP services, mobile clients, application to application communication, and so on.

That’s it! By the way, with my good friends & colleagues Børge Hansen, René Løhde and Robert Folkesson I am trying to organize in early 2011 a mini-tour in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. If you are interested in participating to the events please get in touch with them.

For now… see you in Malmö!

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  1. Magnus Mårtensson says:

    Thank you so much Vittorio for your kind words and willingness to partake in our event. It's guys like you who earn us our reputation as a dev conf where everyone wants to be, attend and speak and we would be nothing without you!

    Your ROCK!

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