Just Out: The eBook Version of “Programming Windows Identity Foundation”


[UPDATE: I eventually got it too, see at the end of the post]

Yes, you get to see the eBook version of my book even before I do 🙂

O’Reilly just made available today the eBook option for Programming Windows Identity Foundation. Thanks to Mike Erickson’s tweet we also know that the download now works (thanks Mike!).

I admit my general ignorance in terms of {<format,device>} well-formed pairs, but from a quick search I learned that

  • Mobi is for Kindle
  • ePub is for Sony Reader, iPad, iPhone, Android, various mobile devices
  • PDF is, well, PDF. I’m sure you’ll figure it out 🙂

It’s true, I haven’t seen the book in a single file just yet. Will I buy this one? Weeell, I am still a big fan of the paper versions. Besides, I already know how this particular book ends… but if digital books are your thing, by all means 🙂

[Updated: PS, here it is!]


Comments (3)

  1. Duke says:

    can't wait to buy it! i'll to this evening when i'll return back home from work 🙂

  2. SonOfPirate says:

    Any chance you can post the Table of Contents?  I am hoping the book goes into more detail and more subjects that the WIF Training Kit tutorials and videos.  Seeing the TOC would help convince me that the book is worth the purchase after pouring through the Training Kit.  Thx!

  3. Hi Duke,

    thank you 🙂

    @SonOfPirate: the book goes deeper and covers more topics than the training kit, although it does MUCH LESS handholding than the training kit (apart perhaps the first 2 chapters). BTW, I have posted the toc at blogs.msdn.com/…/the-table-of-content-of-programming-windows-identity-foundation.aspx

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