The New Release of the Identity Training Kit works on VS2010!


Fig 1. The Identity Developer Training Kit in all its new-vs2010-theme-design awesomeness

In the last few months we have seen a growing demand for making our samples & guidance available to VS2010 users. I am happy to announce that we finally have a VS2010 RTM version of the Identity Developer Training Kit!

Based on the latest build of the WIF SDK, the April 2010 release of the Training Kit works with VS2010 RTM & the .NET fx 4.0 and removes all dependencies on VS2008 and  .NET 3.5 (only exception being the Windows Azure labs, which still require the presence of .NET 3.5 since the Windows Azure VMs are 3.5 based). All instructions have been updated, and all the screenshots & code snippets are now targeted at VS2010. Yes, I know, today it’s already May… don’t ask 🙂

We made the decision of keeping available on the download page also the former version (March 2010) of the training kit, so that if you work with VS2008 you still have something to refer to. However be aware of the fact that going forward we will update & maintain just the VS2010-compatible version. Ah, one last thing; just as the new WIF SDK  4.0 samples won’t work SxS with the samples in the WIF SDK 3.5, the March 2010 and April 2010 versions of the training kit will NOT work side by side. If on your machine you have both VS2010 and VS2008, you will have to choose which environment you want to use for using the training kit and installing the appropriate package.

Well, that’s it: welcome to the new decade! 😉

Comments (2)

  1. Hi Vitorio,

    I Just meant to tell you that I've downloaded the training kit and started a few labs and…  it is very well done.  Very informative, finally nails down a bunch of technical details I couldn't get on any white papers or blogs.

    So, great stuff to your team!

    Vincent-Philippe Lauzon

  2. Thank you Vincent-Philippe! 🙂

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