Identity @ MIX10

Have you booked your trip to Vegas yet? Amidst all the excitement for Windows Phone 7 Series, Silverlight & the cloud, if you know how to search the MIX content you’ll find two identity pearls:

Using Windows Identity Foundation For Creating Identity-Driven Experiences in Silverlight

Caleb Baker

Come learn how you can leverage Windows Identity Foundation to simplify access to your Silverlight applications and delight your users with custom-tailored experiences. Discover how you can enable single sign on for your Silverlight applications no matter where they are hosted, explore how you can use claims-based identity to adapt the user experience for customers, learn how to take advantage of web services protected by federated security… all with the same consistent developer APIs, that Windows Identity Foundation already offers for ASP.NET and WCF projects.

That’s right, an entire session about one of the questions you ask the most about WIF: how to use it with Silverlight? Caleb is gong to go into the details of how you can use those two technologies together.  Really looking forward to that one!

Improving the Usability and Security of OpenID

Mike Jones

OpenID is gaining popularity as an Internet identity system. Nonetheless, it is widely recognized that both usability and security issues are limiting the adoption and applicability of OpenID as it exists today; both kinds of issues can be improved by the introduction of an active client for OpenID. This session will describe a community collaboration to explore these issues through working code. We will demonstrate an experimental multi-protocol version of Windows CardSpace that enables end users to bring their OpenIDs with them to sites, while mitigating phishing attacks, including its use at production OpenID sites.

Mike is going to explore another combination, CardSpace and OpenID. Among other things, that’s precisely what I mentioned in the Mordor post… another session I would definitely not miss.


Besides the sessions themselves, this will be a chance to speak with them and others from the WIF PG. You are still on time for registering to the conference! If you are in Vegas that week, don’t forget to swing by & say hi… as usual, I am still very recognizable 🙂

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