ADFS 2.0 RC is Here!


The release candidate is always an important milestone for a product: if possible, it is even more so for a component as essential as your identity provider or your federation provider, which must be absolutely rock solid, secure, always available... you know the drill.

Well, good news everyone! From this morning Active Directory Federation Service 2.0 is officially in Release Candidate mode: read the announcement here and download bits & goodies from here.

As you’ve come to expect, the Id Element is here to provide in video the juicy details, directly from the protagonists:

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) 2.0 finally reached the Release Candidate phase!
This special episode of the Id Element is all about the new features introduced in the
RC: Matt Steele, Senior PM in the ADFS team, makes his second appearance on the show and gives us an insider view on how the feedback on Beta2 helped to improve the product.
From SAML protocol interop to farms and certificates management, going through new authorization capabilities and improved user experience, in
this release there's something for everybody!

The video is available here.


For this release the team has produced enough material to keep you busy exploring the product for days: have fun discovering the new capabilities of the RC, and… stay tuned for the next logical step 😉

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