More WIF RTM Extravaganza: Sharepoint 2010 & Claims-Based Identity on the Id Element

Riding the wave of the WIF RTM joy, Here there’s a bonus for you: an exclusive interview with Venky, Program Manager Lead in the Sharepoint team, where he describes how claims-based identity is helping Sharepoint to address its identity challenges.

This is an unusual interview for the Id Element, as it depicts somebody who USES an identity product rather than somebody who writes it: I personally find it really, really interesting, and I am sure you’ll agree with me 😉 enjoy!



When it comes to identity management intensive applications, it's hard to top Sharepoint. Whether you are signing in a portal, accessing a document or using a webpart for reaching out to external web services, your identity is going to be the factor that drives it all.
Vittorio went to visit Venky Veeraraghavan, Program Manager Lead in the Sharepoint team, to discuss how Sharepoint deals with identity challenges. Venky gives a fantastic explanation of how claims-based identity and
Windows Identity Foundation helped the Sharepoint team to deliver on the identity functionalities they needed without getting entangled in low level details such as protocol handling.
Tune in!





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