Stuart Kwan & yours truly broadcasted LIVE on Channel9 – TOMORROW!

Yes, you read it right 🙂

Tomorrow at 1:00pm PST Stuart Kwan and I will appear LIVE on the new unscripted broadcast that the Channel9 guys are doing from the PDC floor; we are going to be grilled by Scott Hanselman, who presumably will want to know everything about Identity!


  • To watch, go to
  • To participate and ask questions, send a tweet to @ch9live
  • PDC attendees can drop by the Channel 9 Live stage in the Big Room to be part of the action in person

Now, don’t ask me how my name ended up in the same program as stars of the magnitude of DelBene, Guthrie, Don & Chris… some times it’s just chance! I guess that WIF RTM and the roaring interest you guys are demonstrating for identity are a good part of it… awesome!

I include screenshot below for good measure 🙂


Soooooo… see you there? 😉

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  1. says:


    You guys really deserve the spotlight on you right now. Thanks for the great work you’ve been doing and the great talks at PDC.

  2. Grazie Fabio, gentilissimo! 🙂

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