Enjoyed TailSpin demo in today’s PDC09 keynote? Get it now!

Few hours ago Cameron Skinner and Doug Purdy were featured in Bob Muglia’s keynote. They showed great demos, where identity played a no-drama role: Cameron used WIF and ADFSv2 for enhancing SSO capabilities to his MVC application, Doug benefitted by that decision when he didn’t have to worry about authentication while modeling, deploying in staging and finally in the cloud the same application. I may be biased, but I found both demos extremely compelling (not just for the identity parts!!!).

The app they used happens to be the brainchild of LostInTangent AKA Jonathan Carter: being the good guy he is, Jonathan decided to make the demo available for you to download so that you can experience it directly on your own machine and experiment with variations.

There’s preciously little code about identity in the sample, and exactly for that reason it effectively demonstrate how Windows Identity Foundation can transform authentication in  a non-problem and allow you to focus on the business aspects of the application.

It was real fun to work with Jonathan for the identity portion of the demo: again, this is just a small part of a very comprehensive application, LostInTangent really knows his stuff. Do check it out, it is a great way of familiarizing with the new features in VS2010 and our new server wave!

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