Windows Identity Foundation Overview Session recording: drawing-on-slides presentation technique

In the same spirit of experimentation shown here, in the last year I’ve been using another fairly original presentation technique. The original aim was to mitigate my being chronically late in turning in slides for events but it turned out something that audiences actually like :-). The technique is easy to explain, and i am…


Update on Windows Azure + Windows Identity Foundation

New Guide Back in August we released a guide that explained how to use WIF for adding to your web role SSO and claims-based identity capabilities via WS-Federation. That guide contained a number of workarounds that were made necessary by the limitations of the bits publicly available back then. A lot of you wrote back…


[funny] Stolen Identity Video

PDC is slowly wrapping up, and it has been an awesome one. Identity was all over the place, and the interest you guys have show for the topic makes the months of behind-the-scenes hard work well worth it! Before resuming the “serious” steams of news around the content (there’s more to come!), let me share…


More WIF RTM Extravaganza: Sharepoint 2010 & Claims-Based Identity on the Id Element

Riding the wave of the WIF RTM joy, Here there’s a bonus for you: an exclusive interview with Venky, Program Manager Lead in the Sharepoint team, where he describes how claims-based identity is helping Sharepoint to address its identity challenges. This is an unusual interview for the Id Element, as it depicts somebody who USES…


Stuart Kwan & yours truly broadcasted LIVE on Channel9 – TOMORROW!

Yes, you read it right 🙂 Tomorrow at 1:00pm PST Stuart Kwan and I will appear LIVE on the new unscripted broadcast that the Channel9 guys are doing from the PDC floor; we are going to be grilled by Scott Hanselman, who presumably will want to know everything about Identity! Instructions: To watch, go to…


Enjoyed TailSpin demo in today’s PDC09 keynote? Get it now!

Few hours ago Cameron Skinner and Doug Purdy were featured in Bob Muglia’s keynote. They showed great demos, where identity played a no-drama role: Cameron used WIF and ADFSv2 for enhancing SSO capabilities to his MVC application, Doug benefitted by that decision when he didn’t have to worry about authentication while modeling, deploying in staging…


Announcing the Identity Developer Training Course on Channel9

Microsoft is a recognized thought leader in Identity: since the Geneva announcements wave in PDC08, we opened a dialog with developers for helping you to reap the benefits of claims based identity with the .NET framework. And today we RTM’ed WIF! 🙂 During the past year we rolled out many successful initiatives, from the Id…


Windows Identity Foundation RTM!

Hello from PDC09 Day 1 keynote! It is my pleasure to let you know that Bob Muglia just announced the general availability of Windows Identity Foundation. Get it while it’s hot! Almost exactly 2 years ago I had the honor of giving the first sneak-peak of what at the time we called the ADFS “2”…


Download the November 2009 release of the Identity Developer Training Kit

Let’s close the WIF RC day with the November refresh of our Identity Developer Training Kit. The new version of the Identity Developer Training Kit ported forward the three WIF labs (web site, web services, ASP.NET Membership provider) to the RC, and improved support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. The ACS labs…


ClaimsDrivenModifierControl has been updated to WIF RC

Following the route of FabrikamShipping, the Claims-Driven Modifier Control is now ready to influence the behavior of your federated sample websites… using WIF RC 🙂 enjoy!