The ID Element changes cadence

Back in April we launched the Id Element, our Channel9 show on all things Identity. Since then we more or less kept the rhythm of one show per week, with the exception of the burst during TechEd US for covering all the news in Beta2. Our efforts have been rewarded by the amazing number of viewers & links: thank you! 🙂

However you may have noticed that the last interview, a tour de force about FIM from the excellent Alex Weinert, took a bit longer for coming out; and a new one is not up yet.

There are many reasons for that, the main one being that, after many years of successful identity evangelism, our main host (my good friend Donovan “ADFS” Follette) set sails for other technologies: as a result I will now have to take care of everything. At the same time it would appear that, despite all my attempts to bring them to 36, the hours in one day will remain 24: hence for some time we will not be releasing interviews at weekly intervals but we will be looking at longer breaks between them. For example, I am now scheduled to shoot the next one on July the 21st. The summer would have been a challenging time regardless, since often we need to work around people in yearly time off. As the magic spell of good weather & no rain wears off from Redmond, I expect we’ll be in better position to estimate the new cadence.

In summary, never fear! The Id Element is here to stay, I’ll simply have to find a different moniker than “The Id Element Weekly” for my posts about it 🙂

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