And now, for something completely different: クレーム ベースのアイデンティティ管理 ―― オンプレミス ソリューションとクラウド ソリューション ――


Awesome. Remember my article on Claims-based Identity & cloud on the 16th issue of the Architecture Journal?

I already knew that it was translated in Portugues. This evening, while glancing through the blog analytics, I have noticed more visitors than usual from Japan: I followed the referral and – woah! – I found the Japanese version of the same article! This is absolutely awesome, many thanks to the translators! I still have fond memories of my permanence in Yokohama for TechEd Japan 2007, and I truly hope that this article will give its humble contribution for helping Japanese professionals to reap the benefits of the claims-based approach, both on-premises and in the cloud 🙂

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