[VIDEO] Putting authentication in its place: claim-based identity, services and Geneva

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Few months ago I had the pleasure to spend few days in Antwerp, Belgium, where I participated to the local TechDays event and gave a couple of sessions. Katrien recently announced that the Belgian DPE team just published the videos of all the sessions, which is a great move since the event was exceptionally good.

The video you see below is from my session Putting authentication in its place: claim-based identity, services and Geneva. As you can guess from the frames above, I really had a lot of fun delivering that session: the location was awesome (multiplex megascreen? Cameramen? Stage & amphitheater seats? count me in!) and the audience just defied all stereotypes about Belgians being a difficult crowd, laughing at all my silly jokes (including the Belgium-localized version of the Claims Fable slide, where instead of the usual wine there’s beer, but especially at a very old pic of mine… curious yet?) and asking excellent questions. This was also another chance to show the FabrikamShipping demo, which (as announced last week) you can now download in compact form and install on your very own machine.

Well then, if you want to hear about identity while (hopefully) having the occasional laugh, tune in 🙂 next time I’ll point to the other session, which was about identity and the cloud

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