Video Interview at IDWORLD 2008: on cloud computing, identity & being an evangelist


If you always wondered what is it like to attend IDWORLD, now you have a nice chance to get a taste of it. Back in November the guys at wisemedia recorded brief interviews with 20some speakers and made them available at CEOs, VPs, government officials… the level is really high, in fact one has to wonder how I, a simple technical person, ended up among them! 😉

You can see my 7-minutes interview here. It is a bit unusual because, in line with the event, I don’t go into any technical details: I discuss cloud computing as a trend, make some architectural considerations… and take a crack at defining what it means to be an evangelist.

The next IDWorld will be in Milan, from November the 3rd to the 5th: you can find more info at the event website.

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