European Identity Conference 2009

This year I finally have a chance of attending the European Identity Conference in Munich. I would have been already delighted to go there just as attendee, the lineup of speakers is phenomenal and the chances of good networking appear really promising. However I had the honor of receiving an invitation to take active part in the conference, which I very gladly accepted, in the Identity Metasystem & Claims track (driven by the always excellent Felix :-)). I am going to give a session and a workshop; furthermore, my strong Italian accent will strain the audience in a panel as well. Some details:

Session: Introduction to the Identity Metasystem and Claims

As the title implies, this session is going to introduce the homonymous track: we’ll lay down the basic concepts, the terminology, some of the rationale behind the Metasystem and its “currency”, the claims. At one identity conference I expect that a lot of people will be already very familiar with those concepts & terms, however I believe that a level set is due since everybody need to be put in the condition to take active part in the conversations that will follow. I may do some demonstrations just for making a point, and given my skill set those will take advantage of Microsoft technologies: however that will not jeopardize in the least the generality of the concepts, which will remain eminently & exquisitely cross platform.

Workshop: Hands-On SOA and Web Security with the Geneva Framework

In this workshop I’ll demonstrate how to put in practice many of the ideas described in the Identity Metasystem & Claims track and drive the behavior of .NET applications with claims. The Geneva Framework provides extensions to the .NET Framework which can isolate the developer from the nitty gritty details of the underlying negotiations, protocols, exchanges & other paraphernalia and present a neat, handy programming surface which exposes only what is needed. The plan is to start by showing some really simple demo, then to go behind the scenes and dissect parts of the applications for understanding what makes them tick. My hope is that the session will be very interactive and that the path we will take will be driven by what the audience deems most interesting: since the workshop will happen on the last day, I expect the attendees to be a very motivated crowd 🙂

Panel: Take a Card: Information Cards as Enterprise Authenticators

I am really looking forward for this panel. The topic has just the right scope for preventing the discussion from going in a tangent and at the same time open enough to stimulate lively debate. With those names, “lively” may even be downplaying this a bit :-) 

That’s it. I am really looking forward to the EIC 2009, and I hope I’ll meet many of you there!

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