Dick Hardt joins Microsoft

This is fantastic news! Dick Hardt, superstar of the internet Identity community, just announced he'll be joining Microsoft.

Besides having followed his work on the Internet, I had the luck of meeting with Dick during last spring's IIW. He was giving a session about how to decouple users from the risk of losing their identities when their identity providers go out of business or otherwise disappear, and we had a very interesting discussion. It was pretty clear that we were coming from completely different grounds: Dick was definitely thinking of making things viable & usable, while I was primarily thinking about how to prevent linkage, crypto... internet bias vs enterprise bias 🙂 I have the feeling that situations like the above will happen over and over again: which is just great and exactly what is needed, because the Truth is always (often?) in the middle.

Dick, I am looking forward to see you around the Campus: I am sure you'll love it here! With all the Canadians@identity@Microsoft, you'll never be homesick... 😉

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