TechEd EMEA 2008: still one day to immerse yourself in Identity


It seems it barely started, and TechEd EMEA 2008 is almost done already.

Identity is very well represented in this edition. Geneva has 2 booths in the ATE area, which experienced really a lot of traffic: you still have time tomorrow for taking advantage of the experts there (Sam, Sidd, Shiung, Tariq) and have a chat with Tejas or Laura.

Speaking of Tejas: a couple of days ago he interviewed me about Geneva for teched online, you can see him above while he tries to politely listen to all my "eehhm" & "uhhm". PDC exacted a toll on me: the accent reduction that worked so well in teched NZ, AU and PDC is apparently not working when I am especially tired, and according to many comments I reverted to my Italianinglish in the last session (a redelivery of Kim's PDC session). Sorry guys, I'll try to do better on tomorrow's Identity & Cloud talk, and thanks for having given me good rates anyway 🙂

Tomorrow there will be 2 great sessions about Geneva: in the first one Sam and Sidd will give an intro to the server and the framework, in the second Sidd will dive deep in the Geneva Framework. If you are here in Barcelona I strongly encourage you to take advantage of their availability both at the sessions and at the booths: it's rare to see them so far from their lairs in Redmond 🙂

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