Kim shares the "Identity Roadmap for Software + Services " PDC presentation on his blog

You know, I don't watch videos too often. I absolutely love them, but the level of attention they require is something that I rarely have the luxury of conceding: plus I really miss many things that I can easily get when reading text, such as varying the speed & depth or full text search. If you are like me in this respect, then you'll be immensely grateful to Kim: he just concluded a cycle of 5 posts, titled 'project "Geneva"', in which he basically provides a near-transcript of the session he presented last week at PDC. That's really, really useful (search engines anyone?) and a testament to Kim's good will of sharing and engaging everybody in a conversation rather than just broadcasting. Hats off! Here there's the list of his posts:

Part 1 - intro

Part 2 - Solving problems with claims

Part 3 - Claims will give you vast “reach” both with consumers and with enterprises. They’ll also guarantee choice, making you immune to lock-in

Part 4 -The new Azure Access Control Service - and a demo of how all the pieces fit together

Part 5- From now on, all Live IDs will also work as OpenIDs…


Happy reading!

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