Identity & Cloud Services @ IDWorld 2008


The week after TechEd EMEA I am traveling to Italy, where I'll give a session about identity & cloud services at the ID World conference. The ID World is a pretty different event from the ones I am used to speak for: there is a strong emphasis on physical authentication, and its delegates tend to be from the top management/government officials. That makes it extremely interesting, those are among the key decision makers and mingling with them is always a very instructive experience, however that also means that I can't afford to do my classic "in the gut of things" act: I'll have to distill the message at very high level, which is an interesting exercise per se. If you happen to be in Milan on the 18th, feel free to drop me a  line!

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  1. Vibro.NET says:

      Few weeks ago the good guys at the IDPeople magazine interviewed me on the topic of identity &

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