Identity@PDC08: Roadmap session with Kim Cameron himself & yours truly

Link to the video HERE


Ah joy. After *months* of anaerobic craziness, I am finally able to find a moment to post few lines on the blog (now that the gates are open, in the next weeks I'll pour rivers of new stuff here).

Yesterday I had the honor & privilege of presenting with Kim Cameron himself a session about Microsoft's identity strategy. I believe it is the first time in our history that we present in a single deliverable pretty much ALL of our identity-related products & initiatives, regardless of shipping vehicle (product or service) or product team (live, federated identity, .net services). As you can expect, Kim did a phenomenal job in explaining how a single model that puts the user in control of his/her identities is in fact the consistent approach across ALL of our offering. Ah, and he also threw few "little" announcements while he was at it: the beta release of the three products in the "Geneva" wave (server, framework, cardspace), the support of the SAML protocol in geneva server, the fact that LiveID is becoming an OpenID provider, the Microsoft Services Connector & the Microsoft Services gateway, and the .NET services access control service.

And yours truly? Well, I've supported the point by showing an end to end demo that used in a realistic scenario each and every product/service mentioned, and even demonstrated interop with Tivoli Federated Identity Manager. In the near future I will write waaay more diffusely about the demo (and give credit where is due, where possible).

The reactions here have been extremely positive (can't tell you the exact ranking, but it's very, very high). Thanks to the amazing PDC2008 machinery, you don't need to take my word for it: The video of the session is already available online, take a look and let us know what you think. if you happen to be here at PDC, swing by at the Identity booths and have a chat. This is j u s t - t h e - b e g i n n i n g! 🙂

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  1. Great session! Great messaage! Great demo! Just one quick question: What’s the catch!? I have the question up on my blog! What is the question you do not want to answer here? (I don’t really think there is one!)

  2. Vibro.NET says:

      Identity is everywhere at this PDC2008! After the keynotes and the many breakouts, let me introduce

  3. Vibro.NET says:

    You all heard the news: Windows Azure here, Azure Services there … now it’s time to get you hands dirty:

  4. Vibro.NET says:

      PDC has come and gone, and Microsoft’s identity landscape has changed. New products emerged, services

  5. Vibro.NET says:

    You know, I don’t watch videos too often. I absolutely love them, but the level of attention they require

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